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King gets the cold shoulder
King gets the cold shoulder

We bet you thought the whole saga relating to the takeover of Rangers Football Club Limited was over and done with through the offer that Dave King finally made to purchase the remaining shares in Rangers International Football Club not owned by him and his consortium. We did too!

However, it’s transpired that the Takeover Panel wasn’t finished with Mr King and has ruled that he be “cold shouldered” for four years. This means that UK financial firms cannot work with him on any takeover business. This is a personal penalty apply to Dave King as an individual and not to Rangers International Football Club Limited and this is only the fourth time such a ruling has been made by the Takeover Panel in its 50-year history.

We believe this brings this whole saga to an end with this final ruling from the Takeover Panel which you can read in full by clicking here.

Or is it? We understand that as a result of this ruling, Rangers International Football Club Limited was obliged to inform the Scottish Football Association. The SFA now has to consider if Dave King is a fit and proper person to be involved in the ownership of a football club – a challenge he faced and won in 2015. Will he be successful again? Only time will tell!