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Neanderthal Employers' discrimination uncovered
Neanderthal Employers' discrimination uncovered
A recent YouGov poll commissioned by the Equality & Human Rights Commission discloses unlawful discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers.

The survey of 1,106 senior decision makers in business highlighted attitudes that are decades behind the law. These included:

  • 36% of private sector employers think it's reasonable to ask women during the recruitment process about their plans to have children
  • 59% agree that a woman should have to disclose whether she's pregnant during the recruitment process
  • 44% of employers agree that a woman should work for an organisation for at least a year before deciding to have children
  • 40% of employers claim to have seen a pregnant woman "take advantage" of their pregnancy
  • 41% agree that pregnancy in the workplace puts "an unnecessary burden" on the workplace

All of these attitudes have no place in a modern workplace and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has called on employers to end pregnancy and maternity discrimination  in the workplace.

You can view the full story on the Equalities and Human Rights Commission website by clicking here.