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Power of Attorney - a vital part of long-term life planning
Power of Attorney - a vital part of long-term life planning
Latest figures released by the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service reveal a 40% increase over a 4-year period.

Labour MSP, Kezia Dugdale used a parliamentary question to discover that the number of Powers of Attorney registered in 2013/14 rose from 69,952 to nearly 100,000 in 2017. A Power of Attorney is a document that can be used to allow someone to make decisions and do things for you when you can no longer look after your own affairs. Many over 50s are now using a Power of Attorney as a key part of their long-term planning. Without a Power of Attorney, if a person has an accident or illness that prevents them looking after their own affairs, then the only option available to allow decisions to be made is to have a Guardian appointed. The Guardianship  option is time consuming and expensive and there's no guarantee that the Guardian who's ultimately appointed may not be the obvious candidate or preferred choice of the incapacitated person.

As a result of the aging population in Scotland, many people now in their 50s have experience of having had to deal with the affairs of an elderly relative and many have encountered difficulties when faced with the inability to make decisions because they lacked legal capacity to do so.

We think the increase in the number of Powers of Attorney being registered is a good thing and would encourage all of our clients to consider it irrespective of age.  You never know when an accident might befall you that might prevent you from looking after your own affairs. If you would like to discuss a Power of Attorney, what it is and how it can help you, please get in touch.