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Regulator Intervenes in Ryanair Cancellation Debacle
Regulator Intervenes in Ryanair Cancellation Debacle
The Civil Aviation Authority  (CAA) has written to Ryanair threatening it with legal action for "persistently misleading" passengers about their rights after the carrier cancelled thousands of flights. The Chief Executive of the CAA, Andrew Haines, is reportedly "furious" that the airline is failing to comply with the law.

The recent spate of cancellations announced this week are to take place between November and March and follow on from the range of cancellations announced earlier in the month. Ryanair has stated that the main reason for the cancellations has been the alteration to the company's holiday year which has resulted in many pilots being requried to take leave before the new holiday year comes into place.

The main thrust of the CAA's complaint is that Ryanair had been claiming it is not required to re-route passengers on another airline when a passenger couldn't be booked on a suitable alternative Ryanair flight. 

Ryanair has responded postively saying "We already comply fully with all EU261 legislation, are meeting with the CAA and will comply fully with whatever requirements they ask us to." Hopefully, the meeting will result in a resolution of the dispute between the governing body and the airline.

If you have been affected by these cancellations, you can read about your rights on the Civil Aviation Authority's website. Click here and check out your rights.