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Springfield Developers Pave the Way for the Environment
Springfield Developers Pave the Way for the Environment

We always love to hear about our clients who are making news. Springfield properties have taken an innovative approach and are contributing to plastic recycling in a big way! They made a big splash on the BBC (you can read the article here) and on Radio Scotland (listen here) following the laying down of roads made of recycled plastics. Harry McIntosh, one of our work experience students, gives us his view on this.

As a direct result of human activity in the modern age, the Environment has been crippled by excess waste polluting the world’s oceans and greenhouse gases polluting its air.


The major impact that waste plastics have on the world has been highlighted by David Attenborough and others. In the UK, around 83% of plastic is not recycled, meaning it either ends up in the ocean or in landfill, contributing further to the greenhouse effect.

There have been many advances to combat the ongoing threat to our Environment. Manufacturers have developed effective electric cars to reduce the use of fuels such as petrol and diesel, plastic usage all over the world is being reduced with companies such as McDonalds replacing their plastic straws with more environmentally friendly alternatives, helping to stop the damage done to the Environment. Housing developers are starting to play a role.


One advancement is being pioneered in Scotland by Springfield Properties plc, who have adopted an ingenious method in the way they construct their roads. By using plastic granules recycled from waste water bottles to reduce the amount of bitumen (a fossil fuel used in tarmac), this forward-looking developer is helping to ensure that less plastic ends up in the oceans and in landfill, less fossil fuels are used and their customers have a longer lasting road surface. This is not all that Springfield are doing however, as they have also made sure to install electric charging cables in the garages of all new houses which encourages the use of the more environmentally friendly electric cars.


In a traditionally competitive arena, it’s refreshing to find a developer going that extra mile and making a difference. The hope is that others will follow Springfield’s lead.